‘It’s really different, there’s nothing else like it around at the moment’

John Kennedy - Radio X


“A dystopian flickering pop scenario between Vangelis soundtrack, soliloquy and fiddly DIY disco that immediately turns on the thinking machine in the head and doesn't stop rattling anytime soon. As uncomfortable as the zeitgeist, but much more sophisticated” - NeoLYD


"raw synth topped, voluminously percussive soundscapes and laconic, semi-philosophical

spoken word – not rapping, exactly, more meaningful discourse – is out of the ordinary" Loud Women


“poignant spoken word lyricism with throbbing beats and twinkling ethereal electro soundscapes”

- Get In Her Ears


“Krautrock-precision drum rhythms overlaid with straight and true spoken word vocals. If we had to pick two musical reference points, we’d say it has the attitude and style of Tune-Yards coupled with the experimental swagger of Battles” - LOLA Magazine


Eilis’ musical journey had been vast and varied, graduating from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide, Australia before studying under Eugene Ughetti, leading percussionist in Australian contemporary music and founder of SPEAK percussion. In 2012 she relocated to South Korea. In South Korea Eilis took to playing the drum kit performing with Baekma (including the recording and release of an EP and two albums released via Loose Union Records), New Blue Death, So Long Buffalo, Lish’s Swingtime Band and guesting with The Barbarettes. As well as touring in South Korea (Busan, Daegu, Osan) Frawley also toured in Japan during this time.

2018 saw the beginning of Frawley’s solo project after years of playing with local bands previously in South Korea where she recided and in Berlin (Party Fears, I Drew Blank). In 2018 Eilis released her first solo video ‘Intellectual Men’, which gained great interest from media platforms such as Arte Tracks, Tom Tom magazine, Curated by Girls, and Loud Women. It gained attention from drumming platforms for the use of samples and complex drumming and from feminist blogs for the strong and relatable message.

In 2019 Frawley worked on a longer set of similar, focused on telling personal stories and daily observations through spoken word, the project became a collage of direct spoken word, moody synths and challenging drum parts. Frawley said of her solo work, “I hope those who hear my work can relate to the stories about growing up, feminism, mental health and the challenges of being an ‘outsider’”.

Eilis Frawley signed to Reckless Yes in autumn 2019 ahead of her debut EP ‘Never Too Emotional’ released on February 7, 2020 with her second EP ‘Adult Life’ released on October 16, 2020.


Eilis divide's her time between performing and teaching with a passion for educating the next generation of female* drummers. 

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